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Virginia cDrnmanwealth univBrsity 
mBdical callBge of Virginia 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

olume : 92 

rvjp^l^^^ '■" 






n '^N 


VQJ Medici Caiter 1 MCV Came 

Virginia Commonwea 

Ith Universilty 


Dear Students: 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this edition ofX-Ray. Virginia Commonwealth 
University is proud of the more than 4,000 students and residents who are studying here for careers 
in allied health professions, dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy. Our academic schools and 
the VCU Health System make us one of the most comprehensive academic medical centers in the 

The array of nationally and internationally recognized faculty working on new discoveries and their 
applications in the health sciences is one of the tremendous benefits of your education here. Your 
faculty are attracting national recognition for excellence in professional and graduate education as 
well as in the life sciences. They are involved in all aspects of your education — in the classroom, in 
the laboratory and with patients — and they are involved in enhancing life sciences teaching, 
research and public education throughout the University. 

Our reputation for excellence is based on the tremendous accomplishments of both our faculty and of 
you, our students — and it is a reputation in which we can all take much pride. I am delighted that 
you chose VCU as the place to pursue your education and wish you much success in your future 


^ ^TZ,^ ■ 

Eugene P. Trani 


Virginia Commonwealth University 

President and Chair of the Board of 
Directors, VCU Health System 

.f-^i" ff 

N ^ 


lijpi-.' * 


\ % 

9 , ^ '^ ^ 



^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 





E- ^H 


■KflBy ''/m 


P^^L ^^1 

BDB^P^^^^^ .r^^B 










^ • •' 





As you read this issue of the X-Ray you will be impressed by the tremendous accomplishments of the 
School of Allied Health Professions' students, faculty, staff, and alumni. 

The shifting of demographic, macroeconomic forces, volatiUty in the health care industry, and rapidly 
emerging technologies have all significantly impacted our school. As a consequence, we have developed 
state-of-the-art programs, which have enhanced our capacity for even greater achievement and quaUty 
improvement. By many objective measures, our school is one of the leading school's of allied health in the 
country. But to declare victory or to become too complacent would harm many of the accomplishments this 
school has made. Hence, we will continue our bold new initiatives and continue to make change happen-to 
continue as the national leader in allied health higher education. All these things will enhance the academic 
and clinical excellence of our students. We are so proud of our students, as these persons will provide 
positive leadership in their chosen profession in the fiature. 

There are no other School of Allied Health Professions in the country that can boost of having as 
many as five of their Departments ranked in the top twenty of the 2004 edition of the U.S. News and World 
Report . "Best Graduate School's." Ranked in the top ten, our Department of Nurse Anesthesia ranks 
number 1 and our Department of Health Administration is ranked number 5 . Our other excellent 
Department's to be ranked in the 2004 edition are the Department of Physical Therapy, number 15; 
Department of Occupational Therapy, number 1 7, and the Department of Rehabilitation Counseling, number 
20. These rankings reflect the wonderful accomphshments of our School and certainly they reflect the 
excellence of our outstanding students and alumnae. 

Soon many of you will be joining the ranks of our distinguished alumni. I hope you will remember 
your VCU years fondly, and maintain an active relationship with us. On behalf of the faculty and staff of the 
School of AUied Health Professions, congratulations and sincere best wishes for your future. 


Cecil B. Drain, Ph.D. 

Professor and Dean 

School of Allied Health Professions 

18 Allied Health 



^^ ^ ?^ ^^ fc^ , 

"-, '^ \ ^ 1 1 

•\ X "^ *^ I- '^ * 






^ ^. 

'.^- -^ja^. 



; !5' ~m 


... ^ 

% -S 

i, '-i. * 




Affile? Hea/m 


;3 : F: i;, 

linical Laboratory Sciences 

Class of 

Natalie Calcaterra 

Andrea Henna 

Kimberly Klompus 

Erin Massie 

Maryam Salles 

Graduate Students 

Jennifer Campbell 
Jessica Kilgore 

Paul Vo 

20 Allied Health 


.m mmmuL 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences 

Class of 

Maheder Ayele 
Esraa Bani 
Jennifer Griffith 
Jessica Phuong Ho 

Una Kim 
Larry Lanberg 
William Miller 
Nazar Mohammadali 

Jason Nagy 
Hai Nguyen 
Nicole Striano 
Joshua Sudbeck 

Justin's al\ 


|[!i4y to help someone. _ 

f MJ^W^F 

^ jEi 


^ 1 


Carolina Torres 
Justin Valentine 

Allied Health 21 

Clinical Laboratory Sciences 

CLS students so anxious to begin class 

CLS 2006 class, take time off from all their hard work. 

22 Allied Health 

Clinical Radiation Sciences 

lass of 

Rozelle Baltazar 

Samantha Davis 
Crystal Gaddy 

Elizabeth Hunt 

Candy Reyes 

AlUed Health 23 


Clinical Radiation Sciences 

24 Allied Health 

Clinical Kadiation Sciences 

Class of 2007 

Emily Crinklaw 
Rhonda Dumford 

"another day another dollar" 

AUied Health 25 

Health Administration 

Class of 

Gregory Keams 

Renea Lunde 

Michael Peters 

Melanie Schoof 

Samuel Seifert 
R. David Shimp 

Andrew Smithson 

Jamia Thomas fc 
Jennifer Valentine 

26 Allied Health 


lass of 

ealtn Administration 

Teesha Boyd 
Eric Dalton 

Lauren Donovan 
Paul Dreyes 
Matthew Evans 


Camille Fisher 
Jerad Hanlon 

James Hays 
Edwin Ibay 

¥^ «^^ I 

Sharon Lee 
Deanna Lee 

above: Hass and Angle's night out @ Banditos 

Allied Health 27 




Megan Moore 

Aryana Palmer 

Erin Raid 

Haas Shaner ^ 
Tri Tang 
Angela Tucker 

28 Allied Health 

Health Administration '^ 

below: Just keep smiling 

l^g above: 

Class of 2006 and 2007 at the Henrico Doctor's Car Wash Fundraiser 

\ left: Dr. Mick and MHS students at a car wash 

fundraising event at Henrico Doctor's 


MHS BIGGEST accomplishment!! 

Mr. Lindsey President of MHA Class of 2006, 
Angie Tucker and Secretary, Aryana Palmer 
accept a S3500 check from Henrico Doctor's 
Hospital for the Car Wash Fundraiser. 

Allied Health 29 


Health Administration 

Class of 


Mohammed Beyad 
Kathryn Campbell 

Kari Longoria 

Zachary McCluskey 

Emily Tafel 

Davina Vaswani 
LaTasha Winstead 

George Yanulis 
Eric Young 



30 Allied Health 

Health Administration " 

Master of Health A< 

AUied Health 31 

Occupational Therapy 

Class of 

Alison Conley f 
Rae Czekanski 
Ellen Dreis 

Beverly Ebinger 
Leah Guanlao 

Tanisha Harris 

Clint Holcomb 

Sheri Mayer 

Megan Selman 

Ancolien Tate-Siertsema 
Ebony White 

32 Allied Health 

Occupational Therapy 

Class of 

Elizabeth Aremu 
Jenna Barden 

Amanda Bullock 
Amy Chrystal 

Erin Clibbens 
Heather Endres 

Jennie Fairservice 
Eva Frimpong 
Natalie Hayes 
Laura James 

Allied Health 33 

Occupational Therapy 


Emily Mason "^ 
Meghan McCue 
Sarah Moore 

Kirsten Murphie 
Lanetta Pressley 

Jill Roenker 
Jennifer Self 

Mark Shiflett 
Branch Smithson 

Amber Stevens 

Donna Thrift 

Melissa Zuraw 


& Physical 


34 Allied Health 


'M. IV; ^^ ETi. fAi r t» ^^m 

Occupational Therapy 

above: OT students can't party without 

above:(R-L) Sheri, Jocelyn, Leah and Ellen always looking good on break. 

Allied Health 35 


Physical Therapy 

Class of 

Katherine Allen 
Jessica Allison 

Rob Dixon 

Amy Fagan 

Ashley Faucette 

Melanie Gray 

36 Allied Health 

^*^' Physical Therapy 

Jessica Henderson 
Stephanie James 

Allied Health 37 

Physical Therapy 

Elena Muden 
Yoo-Jin Park 

Gregg Ryman T 
Rebecca Schmitz 
Courtney Sullivan 

38 Allied Health 


5p -im^2\iWfm 

'^Physical Therapy ^ 

Sherry Tsao 



Heather Walling 





The Cast Lab 

AUied Health 39 

Physical Therapy 

Class of 

Amy- "Steph you are my BEST friend in the 
whole yearbook!" 

Tiffany Bertolacci 
Lynette Blosser 

Allied Health 

Carrie Chamberlain 
Cynthia Colombo 

Neno, Paige, Dan and Marie-enjoying the Halloween party. 

40 Allied Health 

Class of 

■ 'M 

Nurse Anesthesia 


Emily Mattingly and Elizabeth Howell 

take in a Seattle Mariners game while attending the American 

Association of Nurse Anesthetists annual meeting in Seattle. 

Allied Health 41 


Dear Students, 

I would like to salute the VCU School of Dentistry Class of 2005 as it enters the 
dental profession to serve the people of Virginia and beyond. You have been well 
prepared to face the many opportunities and challenges your new careers will bring. 
We have an outstanding faculty and support staff that collectively comprise the best 
that dental education has to offer. I am confident they have provided you the 
breadth, depth, and quality of instruction and learning experiences that you need to 
enter the postdoctoral education program of your choice or directly into the practice 
of general dentistry or dental hygiene. For your part, you have demonstrated the 
capability, ccompetence, and dedication needed to succeed in our profession. 

While the nation and the Commonwealth face serious economic uncertainty, you are 
entering a profession that has remained strong for its members and the public. The 
School of Dentistry strives to sustain its strengths and yet improve where it can. We 
would like to keep you informed about new developments at the School, so as you 
pursue your professional careers, I would ask that you not lose touch with VCU or 
the School of Dentistry. 

Ronald J. Hunt, D.D.S., M.S. 
Harry Lyons Professor and Dean 

42 Dentistry 

Class of 


Jason Abel 

Gaurav Agarwal 

Folake Akinbi 

Ahmad Al- Attar 

Loulwah Al- Jaber 

Human Alathari 

Katherine Bogacki 

Stephen Booth 

Elizabeth Brinker 

Steven Brooks 

Jamie Brown 

44 Dentistry 


Class of 2005 

Nathan Call 
Irina Chandler 
Daniel Chatterley 
James Comick 

Kalisha Cotten 
Carrington Crawford 
Campbell Delk 
Colby Echols 

Jonathan Ellis 
Eron Evans 
Victoria Fernandez 
Merissa Fiddyment-Mule 

Craig Flaherty 
Chad Fowler 
Gabriel Fritz 
Monamie Ghatak 

Dentistry 45 

class of 2005 


Tabbitha Grantham 

. 1 

David Hadley 


Jrooke Hammelman 

f 1 


Jesse Harris 



'f i 

Mark Homing 

Forough Khasraghi 

Michael Klemann 

Sheela Kori 

Richard LeHew II 

Brandon Marks 

Symone McQueen 

Michael Millward 

William Monacell 

Christopher Morgan 

John Morgan 

Colleen Nash 

Markus Niepraschk 

Priya Patel 

Shruti Patel 

Coray Preecc 

46 Dentistry 


'Class of 2005 

Robert Quilez 
Jonathan Rasnake 

Christopher Reneer 

Chanda Roberts 

Cara Schantz 
Scott Schlofman 
David Stevens 
Scott Stoddard 

Zachary Strauss 
Scott Thew 
Benjamin Thomal IV 
David Throckmorton 

Dentistry 47 

Class of 2005 


An Tran 

Julie Phuong Tran 

Nathan Vogt 

Tuan Vu 

Barclay Weisberg 

Glennetta White 

Scott Wilkes 

David Woodruff 

Faculty members enjoying a little 

Karoke singing. "j j^^^g jj^jg ^^^^y 

48 Dentistry 

Class of 2005 


What Gaurav really wears when he's not in his scrubs 

below: Moon light fishing is so romantic-awww 

Dentistry 49 



Class of 

Fawaz Al-Foraih 

Yahya Al-Yahya 

Bradford Allen 

Nadine Altememi 

Brian Anantatmula 

Tyson Anderson 

Jared Anderton 

David Babington 

Nicole Barbour 

Nassir Barekzi 

Valerie Bymside 

Nadia Church 

Michael Clark 

50 Dentistry 


Class of 2006 

Jason Crozier 
Anthony Davis 
Sayward Edwards 
Margaret Enoch 

Kenneth Eye 
John Flowers 
Ashkan Ghaffari 
Rana Graham 

Jerel Gutierrez 
Mollie Hanna 
Melanie Harkabus 
Alexander Hatch 

Scott Henson 
Tami Hiromasa 
Gregory Hohl 
Joshua Hollineshead 

Dentistry 5 1 

Class of 2006 

Wesley Kandare 

Amanda Key 

Andrew Kim 

Christine Kim 

Pye Kyu 

Sariah Light 

Eric Lovell 

Laura Mallinak 


Mission of Mercy Project-Grundy 

(L-R) Mim, Mason, Sayward and 


52 Dentistry 

t .^^ 

below: Jennifer and her husband takes a quick picture before feeding their baby 

Class of 2006 






















Gabriel Martin 
Mar)' Martinez 
Willard Maughan 
Benjamin McEvoy 

Kendall Morris 
Mason-Leigh Morris 
Justin Neibauer 
Mark Newman 

Esther Oh 
Elizabeth Olin 
McKay Packer 
Jason Paige 

Dentistiy 53 

Class of 200 


Casino Night with Steeve, Mason and Mim 

Christopher Robins 

Kristin Scoggins-Mastros 

Nathan Saydyk 

Saira Sheikh 

54 Dentistry 

Class of 2006 

Boys better watch out as these D3 
Girls are ready for the night to begin. 

above: D3 students working intensely at the Mission of Mercy Project. 

Dentistry 55 

Class of 2006 

Michael Slater 
Matthew Snyder 
Steven Stensland 

Daniel Stockburger 

Aaron Straw 


Russell Taylor 

Benjamin Tolley 

Kevin Toms 

above: John is educating a child on what healthy teeth looks like @ the 
Give Kids a Smile Day ! 

56 Dentistry 

Class of 2006 

left: Valerie, Lyla, Sira and Kristen enjoy- 
ing a memorable night. 

Norman Trahos 
Quang Tran 

Yun Tse 
Blake Tucker 
Nathan Wayment 
Scott Wellman 

Lylarose Wilby 
Michael Williams 
Bryan Wood 

Dentistry 57 

Class of 



Tareq Al-Ali 
Ahmed Al-Qattan 

Fahad Al-Saad 

Aaric Allred 
Spencer Archibald 

58 Dentistry 



Class of 2007 

Patricia Arteaga 
Todd Ball 

Jason Banks 
Dale Belnap 
Jeannene Bradley 

Allison Bukoski Robeson 
Clifton Cameron 
Lisa Choi 

Dentistry 59 

Class of 2007 

Elizabeth Clark ■ 
Elizabeth Cook F 
Benjamin Crowley 
Joshua Curlina 

Kip Davis 

Matthew Detar 

Gary Dixon 

David Dodrill 

Ryan Edmunds 
Bryan Geary 

Jonathan Greenhalgh 
Caitlin Gracey 

60 Dentistry 

Class of 2007 

Unidentified dental student lost in the woods 

Jean Hong 
Jarcd Hoover 

Nathan Houlchins 
Kristen Hurley 

Syed Hussaini 
Arousha Jahangiri 

Car>' Jaques 
Mantique Johnson 

Tina Joell Kennedy 
John Kent 
Matthew Kent 
Darrin Knudson 

Dentistry 61 

Class of 2007 " 

Naveen Kwatra 

Adrian Laxa 

Michael Lazear 

Hang Le 


Adrian waves farewell as he trys to calm 

down his companion. 

62 Dentistry 

Class of 2007 

Matthew Nelson 
Patrick Ng-A-Fook 
Hau Ngo 
Kurt Niepraschk 

Dentistry 63 

Class of 2007 " 

Chrystal Rooks !? 

Taylor Sear 
Vicky Semtner |j, 
Olena Sexton 

Allyson Sheffield ^ 
Brendan Smith 
Marina Spektor 
Wade Stevens 

Abram Tanner 

Reena Thakkar 

Cassidy Turner 

John Ullrich 

Michael Webb 
David Whitlock 

Stefanie Wong 

Nathan Woods 

Cameron Workman 

64 Dentistry 

C/a^5 O/2007 

Dentistry 65 

Class of 

Abdulrahman Al- 


Leenda Al- Mazedi 

Hamad Alqadhi 
Ryan Bailey 

Jason Blundell 
Lauren Brinkley 

Michael Catoggio F 
Kouros Changezi r 
Robert Chatterton 
William Coker III 


66 Dentistry 



Class of 2008 

Bryce Gushing 
Stephen Dixon 
Tuyet Do 
Michael Eggett 

Andrew Estill 
Amir Farahani 
Michael Ferguson 
Peter Foster 


Eric Gallou 
Chad Goeckeritz 
James Gray 
Russell Guyman 

^ Kent Handy 
Laura Hanna 
Christopher Hansen 
Steven Hatch 

Dentistry 67 

Class of 2008 

Harlan Hendricks 
Corinne Hoffman 
Vanessa Hofilena 
Robert Hunsaker 

Matthew Kim 

Michelle Klima 

Hung Quoc Lu 

Robert Lunka 

Sean Lynch 

Ashley Matthews 

Bridget Mcdowell 

Aii Mohammad 

68 Dentistry 


Ryan Olson 
William Pack 
Sejal Patel 
!| Long Pham 

Marcus Pope 
Shwetha Rai 
Jillian Reynolds 
Thomas Reynolds 

Matthew Roller 
Randall Russell 

Scott Sachs 
Marvin Sagun 

Izzat Sbeih 
Spencer Shelley 

above: Ali shows how stressful 1st year dentistry is 

Dentistry 69 

Class of 2008 

Erica Sok 

Sarah Sparks 

Andrew Stoddard 

Nicholas Tanner 

Justin Tebbenkamp '%. 
Anna Tomczyk 
My Tran 
Thoai-Lan Tran 

David Turok 

Keith Vaughan 

Logan Wood 

70 Dentistry 

Hygiene Class of 2005 


Danea Boquet 

Shelly Caudill 

Kim Johnson 


Kathy Martin 
Irene Meeter 
Jennifer Midulla 
April Miles 

Tara Morris 

Elizabeth Robinson 

Stephanie Stanley 

Margaret Wynne 

Dentistry 7 1 

#7^ 'liWi^^ 

Hygiene Class of 2006 

Hiwot Ageze 
Erica Craft 
Shirin Hejazi 
Azza Sandhu 

72 Dentistry 

The Class of 2004 is distinguished in many ways, but you are in the very center of 
my radar screen because, as you know, you and I graduate together. I, after 43 years 
at MCVA^CU, and you, after four years of hard work here, will move on to other 
things. In graduating with you, I feel to be in very good company! 

Although I hope to remain active in modest ways, your activities will and should be 
far from modest. You have waiting for you the whole world anticipating great things 
from you. Your impressive talents, dogged diligence, earnest preparation, and 
unblemished professionalism should put you in perfect position for distinguished 
careers. To classes that follow, I say. . these M-2004's closely and match their 

As you inevitably leave traces of yourselves in the faculty's thoughts, please take part 
of us with you remember us and keep in touch. 

H. H. "Dickie" Newsome, Jr., M.D. 

74 Medicine 

yCU Medical C 

MCV Camp 

"•"" ---^^9?; 

Sanger Hall 

Class of 




Jennifer Alston 

Karen Annis 


Nadya Averbach 

Christopher Ayers 

Scottt Backus 

above : Med students enjoying the nice weather. 

Jonathan Bae 
Igor Belyansky 

Lisa Bethea 
Shea Bethea 

76 Medicine 




Class of 2005 

Lesley Bevan 
Kira Bleecher 
Jason Blue 
Thomas Boro 

Donald Bowling 
Matthew Boyce 
James Bracey 
Jessica Brannon 

Justin Brockbank 
William Brown 

Karen Burch 
Evan Chen 

Jason Chiang 
Stephen Chiu 

Medicine 77 

Class of 2005 

Radhika Choksi 
Rebecca Clary 

Timothy Coker 
James Como 

Amy Cool 
Michelle Cowden 

Benjamin Cramer 

Ann Czamik 

Wilson Daugherty 

Molly Daymont 

Bradley Deafenbaugh 

Lauren Devries 

Jean- Anthony Do 

Martha Dommisse 

78 Medicine 


'Saam and friends @TiKi Bob's for happy hour" 


Class of 2005 

Brian Downing 
Jill Eckenberger 

Eric Eisemon 
Tami Engelman 

Katherine Fancher 
Gary Fang 

Robert Ferguson 
Marisa Ferrera 

William Fleming 
Aaron Fox 
Ithiel Fuller 
Aaron Goldberg 

Medicine 79 

Class of 2005 

Keith Golden 

Anne Graves 

Candyce Greene 

Neal Greenfield 

Jason Greenhalgh 
Erik Grossgold 
Shireen Gujral 
Jeffrey Guptill 

William Hackworth 

Lynne Harrington 

Victoria Hartt 

Neil Haycocks 
Emily Haynes 

Thanh Ho 
Sarah Hobgood 

80 Medicine 


i:if«^ • 

Class of 2005 

Jessica Hoots 
Michael Huppmann 
Jamie Hutton 
David Ibrahimi 

Medicine 81 

Class of 2005 

They believe a breath of fresh air will help 
them pass their exam! 

Eun Kim 

Nicole Kissane 

Clara Krebs 

Richard Kunz 

Krutika Kuppalli 

Edgar Lai 

Latrina Lemon 

Mark Lutterbie 


82 Medicine 

Class of 2005 

Amie Macnab 

Patrick Maeng 

^ Karla Maguire 


Thumbs up for Nikki and her 


Fatima Malik 
Jeffrey Mapp 
Caroline Martin 

Medicine 83 

Class of 2005 

Michael Morse 

Michelle Mouria 

Michael Murchie 

Robert Neff 

84 Medicine 

Class of 2005 


"this is the best 
night ever!" 

right: "what a lucky guy" 


Benjamin Ose 
Meera Pahuja 
Pierreluc Paultre 
Elizabeth Pediao 

John Pham 
Rebecca Pinkham 
Kelley Prince 
Robin Quesenberry 

Medicine 85 

Class of 2005 


Courtney Quinn 

Maanasi Rajaram 

Patrick Renton 

Amy Richardson 

Christa Riley 

Ahren Rittershaus 

Luis Roca 

Alison Rozmus 

Dmitry Ruban 
Colleen Samuel 

86 Medicine 


Class of 2005 

Andrew Simpson 

Michael Singleton 

Marvin Singh 

Edward Springel 

Medicine 87 

Class of 2005 

Gregory Vosganian 
Yasmin Wagner 

88 Medicine 


Class of 2005 


Class of 



~ . ^^^Mt 

Douglas Blank 

Jozef Bledowski 

Michael Boss 

Adam Bostick 

90 Medicine 


class of 2006 

Angela Bryan 
Sandra Bryant 

Kyle Campbell 
Mara Cappiello 

Michael Chu 

Kavitha Chunchu 

Kathryn Clark 

Charlotte Cockxell 

Nichelle Cook 

Meghan Cooper 



Evie Carchman 
Corey Chakarun 
Loren Chen 
Hannah Cherian 

Medicine 9 1 

Class of 2006 

Deeptankar Demazumder 

Katherine Devries 

Robert Dewitt 

Denise Dietz 


•^.' ... 

Basak Coruh <r^^r— ^ ^H 
Natario Couser ^^^'^5^^-^H 
Rita Cunningham p- ■ J^^ 




1 P 


Nicholas Dalesio 
Alok Dash 
Kevin Dawson 


Bernie, Brian and Sharon- taking 
full advantage of liver rounds. 

92 Medicine 


class of 2006 

Jon Frederick 
Nathan Friedline 
Mehul Garala 
Elena Garrett 

Abram Geisendorfer 
Terral Goode 

Meghana Gowda 
Andrew Graber 

Quintesia Grant 
Huzaefah Gulam 

Medicine 93 

Class of 2006 



Joseph Gulino 

Jonathan Ha 

Asma Habib 

Eline Haenebalcke 

Ashly Hall 
Lucy Hansen 
Sarah Hanson '* 
Amanda Harless 

Christopher Hayes 

Brian Heaps 

Brendan Henderson 

Jeffrey Henderson 

Ariel Holley 

Adrian Holloway 

Matthew Holmes 

Katherine Hrynciw 

Joseph Hughes 
Kristin Hutchinson 

Lisa Jenkins ^ 

Jamie Jennell ~ 

94 Medicine 

Class of 2006 

Arun Jesudian 
Leon Kao 
Joshua Karp 
Harjit Kaur 

Katherine Kelley 
Christopher Kenney 
Tinatin Khizanishvili 
Alison Kinsler 

Alison Kuchta 
Esther Lee 
Brian Lingerfelt 
Karen Loop 

Marc Lotano 
Scott Magliocco 
Patrick Maiberger 
Anthony Mark 

Daniel Mathews 
Tiffany Matthews 
Coryell Maxfield 
Jason May 

Medicine 95 

Class of 2006 

Stephanie Mayer 

Ryan McQueen 

Milton Medeiros 

Sarah Mehlinger 

Constantine Michaelides 

Pamela Mickell 

Alisha Miller 

Wilford Mills 

Roy Miner 

Jamil Muasher 

Ashley Munchel 
Ito Nagakawa 

96 Medicine 


Class of 2006 

Mabel Obeng 
Tinuade Oluwo 
Evan Ownby 
Stephen Pallone 

Haejoe Park 
Biraj Patel 
Anthony PelHcane 
Elizabeth Perdue 

"Christine Gebert covers her friends 
ears as she's about to tell us her lil 

Medicine 97 

Class of 2006 

Ryan Raddin 

Mahesh Raju 

Kulsoom Razvi 

Elizabeth Remus 

Joseph Reses 

William Robinson 

Johanna Rosen 

Kristina Royster 

Matthew Sachs 

Dorothy Sampson 

Jasmine Sawhney 

Stacie Schneider 

Susan Sekel 

Anisha Shah 

Faisal Shaikh 

Bhavana Sharma 

Megan Shaw 

98 Medicine 

Class of 2006 


Suvarchala Somayajula 
Aaron Stike 

Susangeline Strickland 
Patrick Sweet 

Marie Shieh 
Jefferey Shupp 
Bemadette Siaton 
Carter Sigmon 

Anne Silva 
Jennifer Silverman 
Barbara Simpson 
Christopher Smith 

Medicine 99 

Class of 2006 

Jayant Talreja 

Jeffrey Travis 

Tamara Thome 

Nadia Uniar 

Amit Varma 

Andrew Villamagna 

Chris Wang 

Raul Weston 

above: M3 girls take one last picture before they head out 
to the Jefferson. 

100 Medicine 


Class of 2006 

Medicine 101 

lit I "^ttJfff^' 

below: ^ipHH^^^^ 

"Dancing makes Freddie so Happy? 

Class of 


Scott Annett 
Anita Bakshi 
Piya Barkley 
Daniel Barrett TV ^ 

Ifa #^^.« 

i. V, ^ ^? 

Priya Bhatia 
Robin Bhavsar 



102 Medicine 


Class of 2007 

Daniel Blachman 
Ian Blandford 
Cassie Blankenship 
1 Andrew Bogle 

I^Hh *^ f- 


William Brown 
Timothy Caraher 
Robert Berkeley Carter 

Woon Chow 

John Clay 

Michelle Cowan 

Liz Dancel 

'What's in this?" 

Medicine 103 

Class of 2007 


"Can't get enough smiles from Erin 

and Alicia!" 

Dennis Dias ^V 
Laura Diegelmann 
Jennie Draper 
Angie Duong 

104 Medicine 


Kelly Dzialo 
Mareen Eapen 
Robert Ellis 
Mark Elzey 

Courtney Esinhart 
Lauren Fiske 
Laura Flynn 
Carrie Frostmann 

Christopher Fox 
Frances Fua 
Elizabeth Gaskins 
Jonathan Caspar 

Tim, Phi and Satrajit 
• our American Heroes 





L ^ 1 



Medicine 105 

Class of 2007 

Z. V/S* 

Amanda George 

Amanda Gillespie 

Seth Goodman 

Ramesh Grandhi 

Shivani Gupta 

Catherine Ham 

Rachelle Hanft 

Melissa Harrison 

Abdurahman Hassan-Hussein 

Eric Heinz 

Samantha Hess 

Jonathan Hlivko 

Zachary Hoffman 
John Homick 


Randy and Ross ©Mulligans 

106 Medicine 

Class of 2007 

Nathaniel Ivanick 
Sonia Jaffe 
Vivek Jain 
Lisa Rose Jones 

Mary Jones 
Vishal Khiatani 
Amy Kim 
Joy Kim 

Matthew Kluk 
Ashok Krishnan 
Timothy Laeger 
Bryan Laliberte 

Medicine 107 

Class of 2007 

Phi Lam 

Sara Lane 

Robin Laskey 

Helen Lawler 

Nathan Lee 



Ni-Jui Liana 



Susan Lien 

1 r- Jl 

igan Littlepage 



Shahnaz Malik 

Jessica Malloy 

Devan Marar 

Stephanie Martin 



Madison McCulloch f^ 
Erik Meadows 
Angela Meyer 
Ali Mian 

Sohaib Mohiuddin 

Melissa Mondello 

Blake Moore 

Alejandro Mosquera 

.1 ^ 

108 Medicine 


Classdf2007 «1 

Sri Mukkamala 
Christine Murphy 
Arvind Murthy 

Saumya Nagarajan 
Hanh Nguyen 
Jared Nimtz 
Frederick Oh 

Patrick Oliver 
Jamie Olson 
Kristin Ondecko 
Nicholas Ordyan 

Josephine Osire 
Georgina Owusu-Asiedu 
Brian Palank 
Shilpa Pandey 

Virginia Park 
Mary Piazza 
Richard Pierre 
Charles Poppell 

Medicine 109 

Class of 2007 

Brenda Queen 

Alexandra Racanelli 

Rohini Reddi 

Marcia Redwood 

Erin Reese 

Christopher Regan 

Thomas Ridder 

Roland Roberson 

Stephanie Rogers 

Lisa Rose 


Sion Roy 

Sarah Russell 

Raff! Salibian 

M2 looking good at the Med Ball. 

, • 

^.j9 «A_ 









^0^ f\ 








-<:^ji '^^^^^1 


10 Medicine 




Xanthia Samaropoulos 
Swati Sanghani 
Jeremy Sauer 
William Schleicher 

Amit Sinha 
Marcus Smith 
Ajeet Sodhi 
Natasha St. Germain 

Medicine 1 1 1 

Class of 2007 

Meagan Stephenson 

Rhaiannon Stridden 

Brian Strife 

Julie Sullivan 

Jaya Swami 

Kendra Sweet 

Babak Tabatabai 

Deepak Thomas 

Candice Tong 

Susan Tuck 

Leroy Vaughan 

Joy Victor 

112 Medicine 

Class of 2007 

Rachel Vinson 
Joe Vongvorachoti 
Jonathan Walsh 
Matthew Walsworth 


Timothy Walters 
Joshua Walterscheid 
Erin Watson 
Caroline Wigan 

11 I 

tH'jmm' \ ^\ 

Martin Wilkes 

Alicia Williams 

Daniel Willis 

Cameron Wilson 

Jennifer Wright 

Farzin Yaghmaie 

Medicine 113 


Class of 


Barbara Adams 

Hafeez Ahmed 

David Alcantara 


Mychal Anderson Thomas 

Gaurav Bhatia 

Charles Bongiorno 

Jim Brooks 

Daniel Brueggemann 
Denise Canonizado 

Laura Castello 
Shawn Chaudhary 

114 Medicine 

above: "Rudolph your back- 1 missed you 
so much" 







V ImingChen 
Theresa Chin 
Jennifer Chung 
Justin Crocker 

Hanna Dastigir 
Farah Dawood 
James Depew 

Kenneth Ewane 
Elena Geraymovych 
Irena Glick 

Carrilynn Greenwood 
Christopher Hartness 

"Hurry up we're getting hungry" 


4KK. Giza High 

Young Hong 

^ iiriiKEnirMi 



^^>^^^^%^r ^1 



W - 1 


■ mm^ i| 

Medicine 115 

v- ^ f^ 

Class of 2008 



Emerald Huang 
Kimberly Hugo 

Kelly Kennett 

Adnan Khan 

Samiur Khandker 

Terrence Kiniz 

Deborah Kleiman 

Nicholas Lahar 

David Lee 

Thanh-True Lieng 

Ghazaleh Jafari 
1 Joanna Jeruzal 

anne Johnson 



Tiffany Kelly 







116 Medicine 


Emily Little 
Blaise Lovell 
Janet Ma 

Kalyani Marathe 

Melanie Mirkes 

Ashley Mortenson 


"It's good to see Ml students so 

excited about something" 

Damien Parker 
Jennie Patterson 
Boris Perelman 
Patricia Peters 

Medicine 117 

Class of 2008 



Christine Picco 

Jennifer Prichard 

Mark Ranck 

Frank Raucci 

Alina Robert 

■BSfV^^ ' ~^ 

Jonathan Schmitz 


Conor Sheehy 



Thomas Simcox 

Kerri Simpson 

Kris Siri 

Christie Smith '' ' 
Matthew Somerville 

Katheryn Starkweather 
Virginia Teti 

18 Medicine 


Jamie Tisnado 

Jenny Toledo 
David Toor 
Mireille Thuone 

Michael White 
Kenneth Wong 
Roger Wong 

Wendy Woo 
Natalie Zameroski 

Medicine 119 

Graduate Studies 

Class of 


120 Medicine 

Graduate Studies 

Olass of 

Brian Henry 
Peyman Kabolizadeh 

Ryan Kimes 
David Nee 

Marcy Nussbaum 

Thomas Turner 

Tiana Wyant 

Medicine 121 

Graduate Studies 

Class of 


Rhonda Ellis 
Amy Herrin 
Olgu Tavares-Sanchez 

S wamalatha Wlaganath 
Jerry Wright 

Class of 2009 

Miriam Fida Mohammed 

122 Medicine 


Graduate Studies 

Medicine 123 

Dear students; 

What a wonderful time in life. Your education and ultimately your graduation represents to many 
people, yourself, your parents, your spouses and significant others and your faculty. Your education 
represents a gift to yourself that will only appreciate in value through the years. Furthermore, your 
graduation will be a gift to the citizens of Virginia and nation because you are contributing to the 
reduction in the nursing shortage, a shortage which if unaddressed will place the health of the people 
of this nation at risk. 

The value of your degree from Virginia Commonwealth University will also increase as our national 
reputation continues to increase. The reputation of VCU will increase because of the work of its 
faculty and you as graduates. This School has a long and proud history of recognition as a School 
that prepares quality graduates and more recently as a School that informs the practice of nursing. 
As you graduate and enter professional practice you stand on the shoulders of the giantesses who 
have preceded you as graduates of this program. We expect that you will continue the legacy of this 
fine School and in so doing enhance the value of your education and that of future generations of 
students who elect to study at your alma mater. 

I extend best wishes to you complete your education and become practitioners and leaders for the 




Nancy F. Langston, PhD, RN, FAAN 
Dean and Professor 

1 24 Nursing 


-■ ^-aKti^-ir 

»» » 

Class of 

Class of 2004 

Amanda Cason 
Sara Townsend 

Arden Aylesworth 

Johanna Barbour 

Jessica Brown 

Kimon Campbell 

Deborah Cooper 

Ryan Foley 


"Looks like Ryan is in trouble again" 

left: "class is out for these students" 

126 Nursing 

Class of 2005 

Michelle Means 
Alexa Merchant 
Angela Middleton 
Amanda Morelli 

Tiffany Musselman 
Connie Reitz 
Jessica Roberts 
Renee Seaman 

Christina Sullivan 
Bich-Ngoc Tran 
Mary Walters 
Becky White 

left: 2005 graduate @ a Bar-B-Q 

Nursing 127 


Class of 

Constance Austin 
Valencia Belle 
Nicole Berlin 

Elaine Bolipata 

Charmese Carter 

Lizelle Casupanan 

Maria Ciraci 
Anne Clements 

Jackie Dingwell 
Christine Hogate 


below: "Nursing studen 
enjoying a little fresh ai 

128 Nursing 


Class of 2006 

Jesica Jackson 
LaChrisa Jennings 
Heidi Kraus 
Hilary Locklair 

^ Susan McConnell 
Kristal Ratcliffe 
Amy Smith 
Ida Trice 

Kiley White 

Nursing 129 

Class of 

Kathleen Martin 
Megan McGhee 
Kathleen Miltner 

130 Nursing 


Class of 2007 

Jessica Rice 
Amanda Royals 
Chantel Skipper 
Jessica Thies 

Katherine Tumage 
Kristin Zannino 

Nursing 131 

I am very pleased to take this opportunity to salute the graduating class of 2005 as you prepare to 
enter into a practice environment that will provide you with many challenging and rewarding 
opportunities in the years to come. The health care environment that you are about to enter will 
continue to evolve, and your role as part of the health care team will become increasingly more 
visible. Our intention in the School of Pharmacy was to prepare you to be able to respond to these 
health care market changes while being motivated to continue to learn throughout your professional 

To survive in these changing waters you must not only possess the required clinical skills to take care 
of the individuals who seek your care, you must be able to argue, to persuade, and to transmit 
accurate data, impressions, and conclusions. You must know how to communicate! You must 
understand ethics and behave in an ethical manner. You must be able to understand population 
dynamics and epidemiology, and you must be able to document clearly the services you provide to 
your patients. You are a unique and valuable member of the health care team because you can make 
a contribution to the pharmacotherapy decision-making process that no other team member is able to 

I hope you carry with you a feeling of pride and accomplishment as you leave this School of 
Pharmacy. We are honored that you have chosen our program to prepare you to practice your 
profession, and we hope you will allow us to continue to play a significant role in your professional 
growth and development in the future. 

VictorA. Yanchick, Ph.D. 
Dean, School of Pharmacy 

132 Pharmacy 



^4 » m 


Class of 

Anne Bott 

Carianne Bruner 

Sara Campbell 

Scott Cherry 

1 34 Pharmacy 


Class of 2005 

Kristy Cho 
Yoon Chung 
Jeffrey Cies 
Tanya Claiborne 

Janene Cornish 
Leighann Cruey 
Teaonsha Dendy 
Angela Dise 

Students waiting for the campus connector to scoop them up 

Pharmacy 135 

Class of 2005 

Kevin Ferguson 
Jennifer Foster 
Cvnthia Garber 

Joshua Galling 
June Gamer 
Melanie Goodnight if 
Angela Gray 

David Hetrick 

Jennifer Hirsch 

Donald Howell 

Tanadia Jackson 

Shilpa Kharalkar 
Irene Kim 

1 36 Pharmacy 

Class of 2005 

Emily Landon 
Aimee Lester 
Michelle Lim 
Eileen Marcelo 

Jeffrey Miller 
Natalie Morton 
Ngoc-Diep Nguyen 
Paul Olsen, Jr. 

Michelle Owen 
Stephanie Owens 
Jeanelle Penaflor 
Sumit Prasad 

William Presley 
Amanda Quails 

Pharmacy 137 

Class of 2005 

Joseph Quails 

Kathleen Rafter 

Gretchen Ragadio 

Vera Roberts 

Cory Rotz 

Michelle Rowland 

Nazaneen Sadeghi 

Glendolynn Sanderlin 

Eric Sendykar 
Emily Sperberg 

138 Pharmacy 

mff' m 

Class o\ 

Carmen Trent 
Ximena Tuhey 

Heather Winfree 

Charles Yaafi 

NiFimiH \ 

Pharmacy 139 



Class of 

Katy Ahem 

April Anderson 

Ebenezer Aniagy ei 

John Austin 

Rob Barlow 

Gregory Blake 

Brandy Butler 

Chau Cao 
Emily Chambers 
Karrie Chapman 
Amanda Colquitt 

140 Pharmacy 

lass of 2006 

Angel Crabtree 
Carrie Dotson 

Hailey Elliott 
Joshua Estep 
Kasey Farewell 
Jaclyn Ferrell 

Emilie Glover 
Graham Gravley 
Ruth Green 
Ronald Gregory 

Joel Gutierrez 
Leigh Hamilton 
Mark Hardgrove 
Lacey Jackson 

Pharmacy 141 

Class of 2006 


Brandon Jennings 


Ryan LeBlanc 

Dave Lee 

Seina Lee 

Karen Lowitz 

Stephanie Matney 

Lindsay Mayer 

Miranda McPherson 

Todd Miano 

Diane Newman 

Ayo Oshode 

142 Pharmacy 

Class o 


Namrata Patel 
Ashley Patton 

Rebecca Pennington 
Andrea Plummer 

Jason Price 
Eric Rakes 
Kelli Remines 

Rena Rife 
Mary Roslan 
Karen Rymers 
Sarbjot Sachdera 

Sukhmani Sarao 
Manisha Singh 
* Mark Sneide 
Susan Sprow 

Pharmacy 143 

Class of 2006 



Christopher Tagliente 
Tsedale Tarekegne 

Christophr Van Ramm 

Jill Wood 

Leonard Wryter 

Amy Zeigler 

Tyler Stevens 
;rek Sutherland 
Kristin Tackett 


Amy Tennien 

Divya Trehan 

Katie Underhill 

Trisha Ung 






144 Pharmacy 


Class of 2006 

Remove and dispose 
of your unwanted 
medicines tlie safe way 

Pharmacy 145 


u *"^ 



Class of 


Michelle Albritton 
Michelle Alga 
Karen Allison 

Farah Al-Mtwali 

Joyce Assiamah 

Sarah Baumstimler 

Chris Belles 

Elizabeth Beuter 

Mark Bowie 

Kelly Branham 

Erin Briggs 



146 Pharmacy 

.i M1^^ 

'Class of 200/ 


Nathan Callaway 
Megan Campbell 

Jordan Canady 
Sherry Cathey 

Natalie Chen 
Jonathan Cheung 
Wade Chi 
Kathryn Clasen 

Lee Clodfelter 
Susan Cogut 
Erin Colson 
Jody Conway 

Pharmacy 147 






Frances Crowder 

Jessica Dalton 

Stacey Dean 

Mital Desai 

Sarah Dickerson 

Joseph Farland 

Andrew Fergusson 

Allen Gandhi 

OpheHamor Guzman 

Nessim Hadiji 

Basel Hakim 

Travis Hale F 
Larissa Hall 
Patricia Hawkins 
Terra Hosp 





^l^ .^Mk L 

148 Pharmacy 

Class of 2007 



Christopher Howard 
Luke Humphries 
Tiyawnah Hurst 

Ashley Lewis 
Ahmed Mahmoud 

Lisa Marston 
4 Anthony Milam 

Pharmacy 149 

Class of 2007 

David Mills F 
Honor Montgomery 
Sherifeh Morshedi 

Matthew Myers 

Nicara Neely 

Jason Niell 

Kristie Norman 
Tiffany Nuten 

George Ofosu ^ 
Christina Olmsted 
Amber Ormsby 
Katherine Outten 

Lazaros Pastrikos 

Zarma Patel 

Tracy Pham 

Suzanne Phillips 

1 50 Pharmacy 



Class of 200 

below: "it will definitely cost you!" 

James Powell 
Joseph Price 

Shazia Raheem 
Joe Ramsey 

Laura Reith 
James Renner 

Marcie Roark 
Amanda Schutt 
Kimberly Scott 
Krystal Self 

Riddhi Shah 
David Shakespeare 
Jess Shrader 
Uratchadha Sisaithons 

Pharmacy 151 

class of 2007 





Melanie Smith 
Renee Soboleski 

Jessica Southward 
MeHssa Spangler 

Jeremy Spires 
Brandon Sturgill 

Margaret Sutton 

Kim Tran 

Thuy Truong 

John Van CIBT^^ 
Carrie Vest 
Kathryn Weakley 

152 Pharmacy 

^1^ • ^ 





Class of 2007 

Ayrl Webb 
Emily Wells 

Jennifer Wicks 
Cassandra Wood 

Rachel Yost 

Pharmacy 153 

Class of 

Paul Caudill 

Amelia Chancellor 

Bryan Dalton 

Michael Davis 

154 Pharmacy 

Class of 2008 

Derek Dean 
Nancy Decker 

Pharmacy 155 

Class of 2008'^ ^' 


'your looking mighty tasty! 

Jay Fox 
Sarah German 

Amanda Haga ^ 
Nader Hanna 

156 Pharmacy 


Class of 2008 

Jamie Lester 
Kara LeSueur 


"let's gather aroung the good stuff' ^"'^ Mahone 

Ryan Mayoralgo 


Ladan Mohamed fP^ 
Corinne Mohler 

Pharmacy 157 

Class of 2008 ^^^' 




Lindsay Morris 
Adam Norris 

below: "so what else do we do?" 

Lindsay Parker 
Hiral Patel 

Nhu-Oanh Pham 
Diana Piersol 

Michelle Pohoreskey 
Michelle Poore 

Nathan Powell 
Jaime Robenolt 

■J Ml 

158 Pharmacy 

"these students don't have any idea that they are 
part of my experiment- HA HA HA" 

Class of 2008 

^~ Ben Shao 

Sarah Shifflett 
Nadirah Shorey 

Pharmacy 159 


Class of 2008 

Amanda Tullio 
Lisa Vo 

1 60 Pharmacy 


Holly Webb 
Justin Wilson 

'would you like to join our club?" 

Pharmacy 161 

Class of 2008 



'don't we look sexy?! 

"Adrian, I'm coming home' 

162 Pharmacy 

"there is definitely something 
funny going on here" 



Class of 2008 



"are we not just the cutest thing" 

below: "Hello'' 

Pharmacy 163 

Class of 2008 



"let me finish mixing and r 11 be 
right with you" 

"when it comes to PI students anything is game" 


1 64 Pharmacy 

Class of 200 


"food always brings 
happy faces" 


"batman and his friends 
are ready to save the day' 

Pharmacy 165 


1 66 Student Life 


Student Life 167 

W "rii 


1 68 Student Life 


If . 


Student Life 169 



§ t t 

29.2004 10:53 

1 70 Student Life 



Student Life 171 

1 72 Student Life 

the MCV-SG 


Student Life 173 

Winter Ball 

1 74 Student Life 



Winter Bal 

Student Life 175 


Winter Ball 

1 76 Student Life 

Student Life 111 



178 Student Life 


Student Life 179 

Student Life 

2005 Ping Pong Tournament 
@ the Larrick Center 

Hosted by yours truly. Mr. Jim Miller 
and Mr. Michael Webb 

180 Student Life 

Student Life 181 

Student Life 

1 82 Student Life 

Student Life 183 

Student Government Association 

2005 SGA Officers 

President- Gaurav Agarwal 

Dentistry Class 0/2005 

Honor Coimcil President- Thomas Turner 

Graduate Student Class 0/2006 

Vice President, Social- Rozelle Baltazar 

Allied Health (R.T) Class 0/2005 

Vice President, Philanthropy 

Ashley Hall 

Medicine Class 0/2006 
Thomas Ridder 

Medicine Class 0/2007 

Treasurer- Michael Webb 

Dentistry Class 0/2007 

Secretary and Vice-President, Student Life 

Ryan Foley 

J!"' "'"i Nursing Class 0/2005 

Yearbook Editor- Candy Reyes 

Allied Health (R.T) Class 0/2005 

1 84 Student Li/e 

•J* '•It 

Student Governments 

Student Life 185 

Dear Class of 2005: 

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate each of you on a job well done! Although I 
have been the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for less than a year, I have enjoyed 
meeting and working with you individually as well as with the leadership from the 
schools, programs and SGA on the MCV Campus. Virginia Commonwealth 
University is proud of the contributions you will make to those in need and to the 
healthcare profession. I wish each of you good luck and good will. 

Dr. Geoffrey H. Young 
Associate Dean of Student Affairs 

Student Life 187 

Medical College of Virginia 
Alumni Association 

The Student Government Association of Virginia Commonwealth 

University- Medical College of Virginia 

thanks you for all your generous support of student activities. 

1016 East Clay Street 

P.O.Box 980156 
Richmond, VA 23298 

Phone (804) 828-3900 
Fax: (804) 828-4594 

188 Student Life 

We would also like to thank... 

Dr. Geoffrey H. Young, Dean of Student Affairs 
Mr. James Miller, Director ofLarrick Student Center 

Ms. Victoria Hardy and her associates at Carter Printing Company 

Mr. Wayne DeMenti and his associates at DeMenti Studios 
Dr. Cecil B. Drain, Dean of the School of Allied Health 

Dr. Ronald Hunt, Dean of the School of Dentistry 

Dr. H.H. Newsome, Jr., Dean of the School of Medicine 

Dr. Nancy Langston, Dean of the School of Nursing 

Dr. Victor Yanchick, Dean of the School of Pharmacy 

Ms. Tonnie Peoples, Larrick Student Center 

For all the generous photo donors. 

Mr. Miller- always there to give a helping hand! 

Student Life 1 89 

Yearbook Editor at ivork... 

Editor in Chief 

Candy Reyes 
School of Allied Health Class 0/2005 

Assistant Editor 

Michael Webb 
School of Dentistry Class of 2007 

190 Student Life